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Recycled PET Additives

IV Enhancer for PET/Chain Extender for Recycled Polyester

Goulston’s line of cost-effective intrinsic viscosity (IV) enhancer melt additives is beneficial in a variety of PET recovery and extrusion applications.

Mitigating IV loss allows producers greater versatility in the sourcing of PET feedstock, while realizing cost reductions, higher efficiencies and first quality product.

Benefits of Increasing the Intrinsic Viscosity of PET

Film, sheet / thermoform and strapping producers can easily increase levels of lower IV feedstock with improved extrusion performance and first quality product.

Recycling producers of pelletized rPET benefit by converting lower IV source material into higher IV pelletized product for sheet, strapping and bottle applications. In addition, solid state polycondensation (SSP) efficiencies increase from 15 to 30 percent when restoring the IV of pelletized flake.

A food packaging compliant version, GPA-105E, is available for high clarity transparent applications.

In each of these cases, Goulston’s chain extender technology allows for production at lower costs while meeting a wider variety of performance targets for customers.

Scrap Recycling Efficiency and Downstream Performance

As the market continues searching for ways to cut cost and expand sustainable product offerings, the IV Enhancer is the cost-effective solution to increase flake and regrind levels, while improving melt and impact strength, processability, quality and performance.

Coatings for Flexible Film and Thermoformed Sheet

In response to a growing need for non-silicone de-nesting solutions in thermormed packaging, Goulston developed coatings designed to impart excellent de-nesting, anti-fog, and anti-stat properties. Apply one single coating to achieve all three value-added features to your sheet and thermoformed products.

These food packaging compliant aqueous based coatings are applied in the traditional manner to your film or sheet product. They provide coefficients of friction equal to if not better than silicone at comparable solids levels. Both cold and hot anti-fog is superior as well as very low surface resistivity and static decay for anti- static applications.

Takemoto Oil & Fat Co., Ltd. Additives and Coatings

Takemoto’s additives and coatings are designed to impart a variety of valuable properties to flexible films, including BOPET, photographic films, and for semi-durable and durable molded parts.

Of particular note are the controlled migration anti-fog and anti-stat additives for PE and PP based films, and also a high-clarity non-migrating anti-block suitable as a replacement to traditional erucamide and oleamide slip additives. An anti-fog and anti-stat additive is also available for BOPET film products.

A line of coatings and specialized high-purity surfactants components are designed specifically for a wide variety of BOPET film applications where anti-fog, anti-stat, and preparation for laminations, hard-coats, and metallized applications are required.

An additive line for PE, PP, and PVC films includes controlled migration anti-fogs, anti-stats, anti-block, slip, and PVC plasticizer. These additives demonstrate a consistent long term high level of performance.

UV, FR, plasticizers, and antistats are designed for semi-durable and durable molded applications, and a highly effective nucleant for PLA lowers cycle times, improves impact, and improves heat deformation temperatures for injection mold applications.

Takemoto offers a variety of high-purity, customizable surfactants for use in a number of sensitive processes including plate and photo chemistries, semiconductors and flat panel display manufacture. Our surfactants encompass a wide range of structural and chemical properties including the availability of anionic, cationic and amphoteric chemistries utilizing both branched and linear structures. Custom made, high purity materials with metal content below 500ppb are also available for your production needs.

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