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Industrial Fiber Finishes

Goulston’s industrial spin finishes are engineered for demanding manufacturing and formulated for a variety of high-performance end-use applications.

Industrial Spin Finish Technology Leader

Today’s industrial fiber processes put extreme demands on the both the fiber and spin finish to perform and achieve the desired properties. Temperature exposure can be as high as 265 degrees Celsius, so the finish must withstand intense heat and avoid creating deposits on the processing equipment that could damage the yarn or lead to roll wraps.

To maximize production time and minimize maintenance downtime, Goulston developed proprietary cleaning technology to reduce thermal exposure deposits and enable easier removal with water.

Custom Industrial Fiber Finishes

Nylon and polyester fibers dominate the industrial spin finish market, but there are other industrial fibers that require unique finishing properties. In addition to PA and PET industrial fibers, Goulston specializes in developing custom formulations for the unique requirements of fibers such as:

These custom industrial finishes typically enhance a particular surface characteristic like providing abrasion resistance for Kevlar® or water repellency for fiberglass applications.

Industrial Finishing Applications

Specialized properties for downstream performance are another critical element of industrial finishing technology. Goulston formulates industrial finishes for a variety of applications including:

To perform in the specific application, the finish must usually provide significant topical surface modification. Such is the case with our recommended anti-wicking system. The chart below shows the substantial impact of the finish on the fiber and superior vertical wicking results with Goulston spin finish and anti-wicking additives.

Finish Applied (PET fiber) Vertical wicking length (mm after 8 hours exposure)
Finish free 120
Standard competitive FDY finish 166
Goulston anti-wicking FDY finish (without anti-wicking additive) 118
Goulston anti-wicking system (first oiling) 4
Goulston anti-wicking additive (third oiling with heat set) 17
Goulston anti-wicking additive (third oiling without heat set) 25
Competitive anti-wicking additive (third oiling with heat set) 23
Competitive anti-wicking additive (third oiling without heat set) 41

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