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Nonwoven Fiber and Fabric Finishing

Nonwoven Fiber Finishing Technology

Goulston manufactures a full line of nonwoven finishes for fibers and fabricsfor products such as diapers, sanitary napkins, wipes, filters, medical fabrics, geotextile fabrics and face masks, to name a few applications.

With an emphasis on research and development, the Goulston team works with customers in order to offer end-use specific recommendations and develop custom nonwoven binders and additives. Our state-of-the-art laboratory is staffed by skilled technicians who understand test methods and partner with you to solve problems and formulate new products.

Available testing includes: friction, static, Instron®, microscopy, surface tension, strikethrough and rewet, hydrohead, rheometry, fluorine silicon analysis, NMR for finish level determinations, TGA, DSC and smoke point.

Applications for Nonwoven Textile Finishes

A diverse portfolio of finishes is available for hygienic applications in diapers and sanitary napkins, with hydrophilic properties such as fast and durable strikethrough values, low wetback and low run-off, as well as hydrophobic finishes. We offer finishes for topsheets, ADL fabrics, core wrap fabrics and backsheets. Finishes formulated with components listed in 21CFR (FDA indirect food contact) are also available. And Goulston can provide in-vitro dermal test results as needed. We offer finishes for both nonwoven polypropylene spunbond fabrics and staple fibers, such as polypropylene and polyethylene bicomponent fibers, including finishes for calendar bonding and through-air bonding.

For spunlace fabrics, hydrophilic finishes provide good carding characteristics, low foam and good hydroentangling. These finishes are compatible with the water systems used in spunlacing.

Air filtration is a recent area of intense interest, producing finishes that improve E3 particle efficiency. These finishes can be used on staple fibers or spunbond fabrics. Finishes for use in filtering liquids are also available, and can be made with components listed in 21CFR.

Medical fabrics are another area of Goulston’s expertise. Finishes for high liquid absorption capacity or alcohol and blood repellency are available.

Finishes for air laid processes provide excellent opening characteristics and static protection. These finishes can be applied as a topcoat over the fiber producer’s current spin finish to minimize process interruptions during merge changes.

Goulston’s geotextile finishes are designed for excellent carding properties, so that the web is uniform prior to needle punching. Needle abrasion is minimized to maximize needle life.

Finishes for Nonwoven Fabric and Fiber Manufacturings

In addition to performing at the downstream customer, finishes must also perform within the fiber/fabric manufacturing process. To ensure good runnability at the producer, Goulston provides finishes with the proper balance of wet cohesion, fiber-to-fiber and fiber-to-metal friction, static control, thermal stability, emulsion stability and wetting properties. This includes finishes for both spinning and drawing, as well as topcoats.

In processes utilizing multiple finishes, Goulston ensures that they are compatible with each other and don’t interfere with the target properties.

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