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Cosmetic and Personal Care Additives

Custom Cosmetic Additives and Specialty Surfactants

Goulston is an ideal partner for custom cosmetic intermediate supply solutions, with excellent formulary and manufacturing capabilities.

Our chemists and technologists can engineer a variety of turnkey systems for the final cosmetic product using our material portfolio, manufacturing processes, and years of experience creating balanced ingredient interface and surface modification.

These are some of the materials and processes Goulston can use to formulate your cosmetic additive solution:

Cosmetic Additive Materials

Personal Care Manufacturing Processes

Goulston Technologies is particularly skilled in the formulation and manufacture of high stability emulsions and dispersions that encompass a wide variety of chemistries. Custom milling and order of addition allow for dispersions with controlled particle size. A sunscreen milled intermediate for example provides little to no opacity following application and can be used in a variety of final sunscreen creams.

In addition, custom esters can be designed and manufactured for your particular needs whether they are to be supplied as a single component or included in a formulated intermediate for your cosmetic and personal care products.

By working together with customers to understand their needs, unique materials and formulary expertise enable Goulston to create, manufacture, and supply game changing solutions to the cosmetic trade.

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