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Sustainability Throughout our Business System

Sustainability is not just a practice to Goulston. It is an integral part of our business system.

Environmental Policy

Goulston, the global leader in surface modification technologies, maintains an environmental management system (EMS) and is committed to:

Goulston will be sustainable by providing the highest performance product technology possible with the lowest environmental impact. Through our business system, we strive to meet critical environmental objectives.

Sustainable Development Model

Goulston follows the sustainable development model of meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to do the same. To achieve this, Goulston eliminates or reduces waste, hazardous in particular, wherever possible in our operations and supports our customers to do the same. Energy and water consumption is carefully managed to eliminate waste. Every effort is made is to eliminate or minimize the generation of greenhouse gases and VOCs.

Sustainably Sourced Raw Materials

Goulston strives to use sustainably sourced raw materials in the manufacture of products, with a preference to feedstocks and manufacturing processes that do not contain heavy metals. We work closely with customers to identify and eliminate potential human and animal health and environmental hazards resulting from the product development process. Goulston is committed to developing high performance products that use the least quantity of chemicals possible to achieve superior performance in the customer’s process as well as the consumer end use.

Goulston drives the growth of business through continuous investment in Research & Development as well as manufacturing equipment and processes. Research & Development activities are geared towards developing products that improve both customers’ processes as well as quality of life for the consumers.

Supporting our Community and Employees

Goulston takes pride in being a good corporate citizen and supports our community in its social, cultural, educational and environmental initiatives. We believe that highly trained, motivated, and valued employees are an integral part of sustained growth of the company and meeting business objectives. We support our employees in their pursuit of academic and skills training and volunteer activities.

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