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Staple Fiber Finishes

Synthetic and Natural Staple Fiber Finish Expertise

Goulston is the leader in staple fiber finish technology, with a potent combination of custom formulation, market experience, and predictive testing capabilities. Our customer partnerships and market-leading position are built on a foundation of expert technical support.

Originally defined as natural fibers (cotton, hemp, wool, flax, etc.) that can be twisted in to a yarn, the definition of staple fibers has broadened and now includes an array of synthetic fibers (primarily polyester (PET) and polypropylene (PP) designed to replace and/or emulate the best properties of natural fibers.

Traditional end uses for natural and synthetic staple fibers include:

Testing Staple Fiber Spin Finishes

With more than 75 years of experience in the production, processing and functionalization of staple fibers, Goulston partners with customers to help you make first quality staple with the required performance properties.

Extensive knowledge of synthetic and natural fibers, as well as staple fiber surface modification through topical chemistry or polymer additives, has led to the development of sophisticated testing capabilities to predict and replicate textile industry processing requirements.

Predictive testing helps optimize the production of textile fibers by targeting the wet or dry frictional properties, leading to the desired drawing, crimping, crimp retention and thermal stability.

Goulston’s staple fiber finish testing capabilities include:

Staple Fiber Spin Finish R&D

Our expert research and development team formulates chemistries for optimal staple fiber processing and targeted end-use performance.

Staple fiber finish formulation criteria properties may include:

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