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IV Enhancer / Chain Extender for Recycled PET

Also known as a chain extender for polyester fibers, Goulston has a line of cost-effective intrinsic viscosity (IV) enhancers for your fiber needs. These additives are useful in a variety of PET recovery and extrusion applications.

Designed to restore the molecular weight of PET, our IV enhancers allow the use of lower cost feedstock for fiber spinning. These additives have proven success in rPET staple and filament applications.

One way of making conjugate bicomponent fiber is using polymers of differing IV. A smart, cost-effective way of accomplishing this IV differential is by utilizing IV enhancer on the polymer on one side of the bicomponent fiber. The different IV makes each side shrink differently, thus providing a permanent curl, typical of conjugate fiber.

Disposal of polymer and spun waste is like throwing money away. Improve cost and reduce environmental impact by reprocessing this valuable feedstock with our IV enhancer to produce chips or pellets with the right IV for downstream processes.

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