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Carpet Fiber Finishes

Goulston scientists meet the growing needs of today’s carpet industry by designing components and synthesizing new chemistry which allow us to formulate high-performance carpet fiber spin finish for:

Carpet Fiber Spin Finish Expertise

With a state-of-the-art laboratory engineered for a variety of predictive tests, Goulston’s carpet fiber lubricants are formulated to meet your needs. Our scientists study the component structure and physical properties of our BCF spin finish blends to achieve optimum performance at the lowest possible finish levels. This provides outstanding soiling performance in the final carpet.

Coupling the lowest possible finish levels with maximized biosustainable chemistry further reduces environmental impact.

Goulston’s carpet fiber finish expertise includes applicator design, high-speed spreading and friction control.

Many of our formulations are designed to be independent of fiber substrate, or uni-finishes applicable to variety of polymer surfaces such as:

High-Performance Carpet Fiber Lubricants

Many carpet fiber manufacturers partner with Goulston to design custom formulations. Our Lurol® carpet fiber finishes have excellent spreading across the fiber surface and lubrication uniformity critical to performance in high-speed extrusion.

Carpet Fiber Spin Finish Finish Level Range (Depending on End Use) Commercial Fibers
Lurol PP-L425 0.7-1.0% PP fiber
Lurol NF-L507 0.6-1.2% PA & PET fibers
Lurol NF-11823 0.6-1.3% PA, PET & PTT fibers
Lurol NF-L201 0.7-1.2% PP, PA & PET fibers

BCF Spin Finish

Our new family of bulked continuous filament (BCF) spin finishes perform at 30 percent lower than standard finish levels on high-speed extrusion equipment, with good performance in downstream operations.

Carpet Fiber Softeners

Softeners are another way to modify the feel (hand-touch) of the fiber. Carpet fiber softeners applied in conjunction with the fiber lubricant system at spinning yield better uniformity and can be effective at lower lubricant levels. Modifying the surface of a fiber to produce a soft-hand carpet can be done topically or with polymer additives.

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